Hi, I'm Alberto here to
empower DeFi., research the market, produce content., help you.

Hi, I'm Alberto here to
empower DeFi., research the market., produce content., help you.

A DeFi journey

Our Mission: Helping One Million People to Approach DeFi.

Hi and welcome, 

I’m Alberto, a blockchain lover, a strong believer of DeFi, and the founder of DeFi Daily.

I’m following cryptos since 2014, but just with DeFi I started to focus on crypto full time.

Aside from it, I’m an entrepreneur, a marketing consultant and a University lecturer.

I love sports, psychology, writing and strategic or managerial games. 

A three rules approach

Our Philosophy

No shilling

I hate shilling, and I’ll never do it. DeFi Daily was born to offer tools and a better knowledge.


Nothing is more important than awareness, there is no good or bad investment, but only strategy. 


This project is about helping each other to spread wisdom and find the best DeFi opportunities. 

Our Mission

What our founder says

Being successful and profitable is a matter of chances, and the pursuit of the right chance. 

If the first is about fate, the second is about you.


DeFi Daily and DeFi Academy Founder

What our audience says

Thanks so much. I appreciate your calm and measured explanations. I agree totally with your sentiment about drawing a line and looking to the future.


“Thanks for the update love your content!”



“Great news keep up your exceptional work 👍”



“Great video as always”



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