DeFi Tools

Best tools to empower your DeFi experience

In this playlist, I’m sharing the different tools that I’m using to simplify my DeFi operations. This is an ongoing playlist that I’m updating periodically.

Episode I

Two Tools That I Use

Find the best APY and discover in the advance the hottest protocols.


Simplify your DeFi operations.

DeFi is a space that changes so fast that could be difficult to be always on track. 

These two tools can make your life easier giving you real-time updates on the most attractive farms and the hottest protocols to follow.
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Episode II

Protect Your Privacy

Tornado Cash is the best app to defend your privacy, but you should pay attention to…

Blockchain is public if you don't defend yourself

Tornado Cash is the state of art DApp to defend your privacy, but…

Even if the app is really easy to use, there are a couple of traps that can compromise your privacy. 

In this video, you will find all the tips and tricks.

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