Wonderland Money

A Wonderland Story

Wonderland is the protocol that above the others has been able to polarize the attention

Episode I

Chronicle Of A Crisis

What happened to Wonderland and what they messed up.

One week: a fall from grace

Wonderland was the greatest community in the whole crypto space, but suddenly it falls. 

In this video, I go through what happened in those days and how a wonderland story became nightmare.


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Episode II

A Possible Way Out: The Merger

7 reasons why merging Wonderland with Abracadabra could benefit everyone.

1 + 1 is better than 2?

The future of Wonderland is still a discussion topic, but what could be the best solution?

In this video I’m sharing my thoughts about it, and why I think that a merger with Abracadabra Money could be a powerful idea.

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Episode III

A step by step guide

How and why Wonderland has been able to build a 1 Billion Dollar Treasury. 

Leverging the game theory.

Wonderland is an Olympus Dao fork, that leverages the game theory in order to increase the demand while growing the protocol’s treasury. 

In this video, I’m explaining in detail how it worked and the offered features before the sifugate.

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Episode IV

Ponzi or Genius?

What are the differences between Wonderland and a Ponzi scheme?

A damned treasury.

Is Wonderland a Ponzi scheme? This question has been one of the most disputed topics for a long time.

In this video I’m going through it, giving an in-depth analysis of what is a Ponzi scheme and if and how it differs from Wonderland.

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Episode V

A Pact with Death

Investing in Wonderland, or in any other Olympus Dao fork, means doing a pact with death.

The dark side of DAOs.

DAOs have been one the most popular protocols due to their ability to offer an insane APY. 

In this video, I’m explaining which are the risk connected to Wonderland and any other DAO. More precisely I’m sharing the three main pacts with death that we are doing when we choose to invest in any DAO.

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